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15 Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia

Modern-day Ethiopia is many seemingly dissonant things. It’s a cross between a pack backers ultimate holiday and a history buff’s Shangri-La. It’s also retained a medieval feel through ancient Christian rituals while showcasing the ancient obelisks and tombs of Aksum. The landscape of this wonderful country is no less varied with lakes rivers, rocky mountains,

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reasons to visit Ethiopia

Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

The diverse country of Ethiopia is filled with gorgeous natural scenery and some of Africa’s lesser-known wildlife as well as having a history that’s left its wide-ranging landscapes laden with historic treasures, ranging from 17th-century castles to ancient tombs and obelisks. If you haven’t thought about taking a journey to Ethiopia, here are the top reasons you

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Is it safe to travel to Ethiopia in 2020/21?

We would like to assure you that Ethiopia, compared with other African countries, is remarkably safe. Frankly speaking, serious crimes are fortunately rare. Especially, against tourists and travelers crimes are extremely rare. Your travel is also safe in terms of COVID-19. Come and practically experience what travel and tour look like after the global lock

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